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You Are Not Your Rape



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We are beyond proud, humbled, and overjoyed to introduce you to our anthology contributors. Each one has an amazing, inspiring and strong voice to share. Their stories are moving, heart-breaking, and empowering. We are so thankful to each and every one for their bravery in sharing.

About the Contributors


Tianna G. Hansen has been writing since childhood and continues spreading awareness of trauma, particularly sexual assault & abuse. This is her first anthology with plans for many more at her indie press, Rhythm & Bones. Learn more at or check out her work at Twitter: @tiannag92/@RhythmBonesLit.


Kristin Garth is a Pushcart & Best of the Net nominated sonnet stalker.  Her poetry has stalked magazines like Glass, Yes, Five:2: One, Anti-Heroin Chic, Former Cactus, Occulum, Luna Luna, & many more.  She has a chapbook Pink Plastic House (Maverick Duck Press), three forthcoming: Pensacola Girls (Bone & Ink Press, Sept 2018) and Shakespeare for Sociopaths (The Hedgehog Poetry Press Jan 2019), Puritan U (Rhythm & Bones Lit March 2019) Her full length, Candy Cigarette, is forthcoming April 2019 (The Hedgehog Poetry Press). Follow her on Twitter:  (@lolaandjolie), her weekly poetry column ( and her website (



Kayleigh Campbell is a poet from Leeds, UK. She is an editorial assistant at Stand Magazine and will be starting her PhD in Creative Writing in January. She has been published both online and in print. She is also a mother to her wonderful seven month old daughter, Eliza. 



linda m. crate is a Pennsylvania native whose works have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines both online and print. She has five published books of poetry, a microchap, and a novel: Phoenix Tears  (Czykmate Books, June 2018). 


Effy Winter is a writer and editor from Philadelphia, PA. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Angelical Ravings, Rose Quartz Journal, and other publications. Effy’s debut collection, Flowers of the Flesh, is due to be released in December 2018. Find out more about her at


Klara Piechocki-brown (they/them/her) is a fiction writer and illustrator living on a narrowboat in London with their partner and brood of animals. They have an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, and are currently working on a novel. You can follow them on Twitter via @illustratedboat.



Amy Alexander is a word tinkerer and visual artist who lives in Louisiana. Her work has or will be appearing in Memoir Mixtapes, Riggwelter, Twist in Time, and others. Her books, The Legend of the Kettle Daughter and The House You Carry Inside You, are forthcoming from Hedgehog Poetry Press (2019). Follow her @iriemom.



Marisa Silva-Dunbar graduated from the University of East Anglia with her MA in poetry, and has been shortlisted twice for the Eyewear Publishing Fortnight Poetry Prize. She has work forthcoming in Amaryllis, Bone & Ink, Angelical Ravings and The Same. You can find her on Twitter @theSweetMaris.



Jennifer Wilson lives in Somerset, England, with her husband and spends her days as a faceless retail drone. Her only prior publication is with Molotov Cocktail's 2018 Shadow Poetry Award.


Juliette van der Molen is a writer and poet living in the Greater NYC area. Find more of her writing at Medium and connect on Twitter @j_vandermolen. Her debut chapbook, Death Library: The Exquisite Corpse Collection, was published in August 2018 by Moonchild Magazine.



Sarah A. Etlinger is an English professor who resides in Milwaukee, WI, with her family. Her work can be found in several literary magazines, and her first chapbook, Never One for Promises, is forthcoming in July 2019 from Kelsay Books. Interests include cooking, traveling, and learning to play the piano.



Caroljean Gavin is a creator of poetry, fiction, essays and sons. Her work has appeared in Voicemail Poems, Cease, Cows, The Ampersand Review, and more. She edits for Luna Station Quarterly and is currently working on a story collection, a novel, and getting hired as a librarian.


Spangle McQueen is a happy grandma and hopeful poet living in Sheffield UK.



Ahja Fox is a poet obsessed with bodies/ body parts (specifically the throat). She can be found around Denver reading at various events and open mics or co-hosting at Art of Storytelling. She is a Best of the Net and Pushcart nominee. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @aefoxx.



Danielle Shorr is a current MFA student trying to make the transition from poetry to fiction. Her newest chapbook is Nosebleed in the Dark. When she’s not staring in awe at her newly installed bookcase, she’s most likely consuming short story collections or curating her list of Orange County’s best eats.



Sulyn Godsey has been writing poetry since she was young and recently got into photography. A Reiki practitioner and human rights activist, she’s happily married and mother of two grown daughters. She works as a Student Assistance Liaison. She and her husband own a small farm in Pennsylvania.



alyssa hanna graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and minor in History. She was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize and a finalist in the 2017 James Wright Poetry Competition. alyssa is an aquarium technician in Westchester and lives with her fish and special needs lizards. Follow her @alyssawaking.



Kate Garrett writes and edits. She is founding/managing editor of four journals. Her work has been nominated for Best of the Net, the Pushcart Prize, and long-listed for a Saboteur Award. Born and raised in rural southern Ohio, Kate moved to the UK where she lives in Sheffield with her husband, five children, and a sleepy cat.



Erin Emily Ann Vance’s work has appeared in numerous publications. Erin was a 2017 recipient of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Young Artist Prize and a 2018 Finalist for the Alberta Magazine Awards in Fiction. Erin's debut novel, Advice for Amateur Beekeepers and Taxidermists will be published by Stonehouse Publishing in 2019.



Amanda Crum is a writer and artist whose work can be found in many publications, as well as several anthologies. Her first chapbook of horror poetry, The Madness In Our Marrow, made the shortlist for a Bram Stoker Award nomination in 2015. She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband and two children.



Gillian Davies writes poetry, short stories and novels, drawing inspiration from the people she meets and the lovely Welsh countryside. Her work has been published in print and online. She has performed as a singer and musician and writes her own music. You can contact her at her website -

Marilee Goad is a queer writer and former medical student now residing in South Korea. She has work published or forthcoming in Ghost City Review, ELJ, Barrelhouse, Peculiars Magazine, OUT/CAST, Yes Poetry, and Vessel Press, amongst others. You can follow her on twitter @_gracilis and find her website at



Leila P. Morgan is a fantasy author from a small town in Maryland. This is her first published piece, and with it she hopes that her voice can inspire others and help them heal. When not writing, she spends time with her two black kitties.

Stephanie Schubert is a Uruguayan multi-media artist currently based in Southern California who recently graduated with a BA in Intercultural & Interpersonal Communication Studies from CSUF. She is the owner and creative director of, her multi-media project which includes poetry, jewelry-making, painting, audio & visual production,  event planning, zine-making, and the practice of crystal magick. Hobbies include (but are not limited to): natal chart calculations, watching movies/ reading books that seek to undermine hegemonic power structures, cuddling with pets,  finding alone time, astrology meme-making/meme-searching, and staring at the moon.  



Megan Ryals currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and is an outspoken feminist and survivor of Complex PTSD due to multiple past traumas. She can be found on Twitter @Dirrtysunshine, where she often speaks about intersectional feminism and her own life as a survivor.



Maia Elgin is the author of The Jennifer, a chapbook (Birds of Lace, 2013), and her work has also been seen in online and print mediums. She is an Assistant Professor at Delta State University. From Wisconsin to New Orleans, she makes her home along the Mississippi River with two cats, a dog, and her person.



Siham Karami’s first full-length collection is To Love the River (Kelsay Books 2018). Her poems, essays, and reviews have been widely published. Nominated multiple times for both the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, she blogs at



Sarah Battison is a UK Poet who hopes that through her poetry she can inspire others to carry on, even when they feel they can't. A mummy of 3, she has been writing since childhood and recently released her first published book 'The Journey to Happiness'. Twiiter: @BattisonSarah.



Robin Anna Smith is a non-binary, disabled writer and visual artist residing in Wilmington, Delaware. She primarily writes about personal experiences with trauma, disability, mental health, and gender identity. Her work appears in a variety of journals internationally. More work can be found at and Twitter @robinannasmith.



Christina Rosso is a redheaded siren living in South Philadelphia with her bearded husband and two rescue pups. Her work has been featured in Twisted Sister Lit Mag, MookyChick, FIVE:2:ONE Magazine, and more. For more information, please visit or find her on Twitter @Rosso_Christina.



Xavier is a survivor. He really should not be alive but is. Born of #MeToo with a long history of physical and emotional pain, his rape was when he was very young. But he is overcoming. A poet, romantic and dreamer at heart. Hopeful yet fragile with a heart of gold. He writes as a personal healing modality.



December Lace is a former professional wrestler and pinup model. Her work has been published widely. She loves Batman, burlesque, and things that go bump in the night. She can be found on Twitter @TheMissDecember, or in the obscure bookshops of Chicago.



Rebecca Kokitus is a poet residing in the Philadelphia area. She is a student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where she studies English with a concentration in Writing. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram and @rxbxcca_anna, and you can read more of her writing on


Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins is a Salvadoran refugee residing in Los Angeles. She has been published in OCCULUM, Electric Cereal, Dryland, Seafom Mag, Anti-Heroin Chic, Bad Pony Mag, L’Éphémère Review, among others. After writing three chapbooks, Things Outside, Wayward, and Zenith, she continues the mischief of scribbling nonsense into verse. She hopes it resonates. Find her on Twitter @BrujaLamatepec.

Samantha Lamph/Len is the creator and co-editor of Memoir Mixtapes, a music-themed literary magazine that publishes poetry and personal essays inspired by the songs that comprise the soundtracks of our lives. You can read more of her work in Moonchild Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, Queen Mob's Teahouse, and Connotation Press. Another piece about her rape, "You've Seriously Considered This," which was originally published in Occulum, is forthcoming in Wesleyan University's Best American Experimental Writing Anthology of 2019.



Savannah Slone is a queer writer who is completing her M.F.A. in the Pacific Northwest. Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in or will soon appear in Glass: A Poetry Journal, Crab Creek Review, FIVE:2:ONE, Pidgeonholes, decomP magazinE, TERSE, and elsewhere. She is the Poetry Editor of Boston Accent Lit and is the Editor-in-Chief of Homology Lit. She is the author of HEARING THE UNDERWATER (Finishing Line Press, 2019). She enjoys reading, knitting, hiking, and discussing intersectional feminism. You can read more of her work at



Susannah Violette - Nature is the blood of Susannah's work. Animals both within us and outside of us fascinate her and her poems become liminal spaces where the edges of these worlds blur. She was recommended in the Westival International Poetry Prize, shortlisted for the Frogmore poetry prize and has appeared in various publications.



Megan Neville is based in Cleveland, Ohio where she divides her time between teaching and writing. Her work has appeared in Belt Magazine, English Journal, Into the Void, Moonchild Magazine, Barren Magazine, and others. Her chapbook Rust Belt Love Song will be available from Game Over Books in March 2019. 



Emma Lee most recent collection is “Ghosts in the Desert” (IDP, UK 2015), she co-edited “Over Land, Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge,” (Five Leaves, UK, 2015), reviews for The High Window Journal, The Journal, London Grip and Sabotage Reviews and blogs at



Chad Musick is a writer and copy editor (everything from quantum physics to steamy romance) who lives in Japan with his wife and adult son. He tweets jointly with his wife @TheMusicks.



Carly Madison Taylor is an songwriter, essayist, and poet from Boulder, Colorado. To connect and/or find more of her work, follow her on Twitter @carma_t.



Jennifer Wolkin is a health/neuro psychologist, speaker, writer, and mental health advocate. She is most passionate about writing at the intersection where the mind, body, brain and spirit meet - about the holistic human experience - through the eyes of both her own experience, and through her professional lens. 



Caitlin McDonald lives, writes, and naps in Atlanta, Georgia with her giant bear of a dog. She studied English & Film at Kennesaw State University, and works as a stylist. She loves slowly leaking obscure Appalachian sayings into her city friends’ vocabularies, and cooking obscenely buttery comfort food for her roommates. Her work has appeared in Babe Soda. Twitter: @youngmcdonald_ //Instagram - @youngmcdonald



Sarah Lilius is the author of four chapbooks including GIRL (dancing girl press, 2017), and Thirsty Bones (Blood Pudding Press, 2017). Publication credits include the Denver Quarterly, Court Green, BlazeVOX, Bluestem, Tinderbox, Stirring, Luna Luna Magazine, Entropy, and Flapperhouse. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband and two sons. Website:



Cal Paule is a poet and translator working in the Twin Cities. They graduated from Oberlin College in 2018 with a degree in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature.



Colleen June Glatzel is based in Waukesha, WI. She’s the author of Hey, Joey Journal. Her poetry has been published in Blue Heron Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Cherry House Press, TreeHouse Arts, 5th Wall Press and WORDPEACE. When Colleen’s not writing, she's painting, studying numerology or dealing antiques.



Hannah Storm is a British journalist and media consultant, specializing in gender and safety. She previously spent more than a decade as a staff and freelance journalist mainly overseas. Now she juggles motherhood with work, and tries to find some balance by writing short fiction and running long distances.



Angel Cezanne is a writer, editor, zine maker, and caretaker. She is an alumnus of Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center, with creative writing previously published by Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Crab Fat Magazine, Sea Foam Magazine, Selfish Magazine, and others.



Skyler Jaye Rutkowski is a poet from Buffalo, NY. She's represented her city in the 2017 National Poetry Slam, volunteers at Just Buffalo Literary Center, and hosts the open mic series Poetry at Perks. She is the author of the forthcoming chapbook A Mountain of Past-Lives & Things I've Learned (Blazevox, 2018). Find her nose-deep in a new book at your local coffee shop. 



Jayne Martin is a 2017 Pushcart nominee, 2016 winner of Vestal Review’s VERA award, and a 2018 Best Small Fictions nominee. Her work appears in Literary Orphans, Spelk, Crack the Spine, Midwestern Gothic, formercactus, MoonPark Review, Blink-Ink, Blue Fifth Review, Bending Genres, and Connotation Press among others. Twitter @Jayne_Martin.



Lauren Milici is a Florida native who writes poetry, teaches English, and is currently getting her MFA in Creative Writing somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia. When she isn’t crafting sad poems about sex, she’s either writing or shouting into the void about film, TV, and all things pop culture.



Prince Bush is a student at Fisk University studying English. They are also pursuing a minor in Women and Gender Studies.



Stefani Mussick is a graduate student studying Elementary Education at Colorado College. Stefani enjoys being outdoors, being with kids, and spending time with her cat, Lexie. This is her first published poem, and she is excited to have her work that helped her find healing shared with other people. 



LC Elliot is a twenty-something disabled writer and journalist based in the UK. Her short fiction has been published by Route 57 and Strix Magazine, and her journalism can be found in The Huffington Post and The Establishment. You can find her screaming into the void on Twitter at @TinyWriterLaura.



Tee Francis is a Dorset-based poet, writer and therapeutic writing facilitator. Her work is provocative, subversive and funny, with poems ranging from acerbic societal ‘selfies’ to sensitive microcosms of humanity. Her work has been published in numerous poetry magazines and she performs regularly in the South of England. She is looking to publish her debut poetry collection, Sherbet Lemons, in 2019.



Linda L, in the greater Baltimore area, Twitter: @dont_screwitup



Dori Owen is a columnist for Feminine Collective. Her essays have been featured in FeminineCollective's RAW&UNFILTERED VOL I, The Lithium Chronicles, StigmaFighters, OTV Magazine, and The Mighty. Her poetry is featured in Feminine Collective's anthology, "Love Notes From Humanity, The Lust, Love & Lost Collection,” and on Sudden Denouement.



Imani Campbell is a poet and author that wants to change the world with their writing. In May of 2018, they self-published their first poetry book, “Feel. Forgive. Forget.” They are currently a regular contributor at rose quartz journal. 



Hilda Coleman is a writer for Thought Catalog & Harness Magazine. She writes about being vulnerable and conquering lifetimes of courage. She believes this is the truth about writers: "we are the brave ones, the ones who take risks in love, and the ones who turn the failed attempts into rich poetry."



Wanda Deglane is a night-blooming desert flower from Arizona. She is the daughter of Peruvian immigrants and attends Arizona State University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and family & human development. Her poetry has been published or forthcoming from Rust + Moth, Glass Poetry, L’Ephemere Review, and Former Cactus, among other lovely places. Wanda is the author of Rainlily (2018) and Lady Saturn (Rhythm & Bones, 2019).



Tzynya L. Pinchback is a mermaid and author of the chapbook, How to Make Pink Confetti (Dancing Girl Press, 2012), with recent poems appearing or forthcoming in The American Poetry Journal, the Aurorean, Midnight and Indigo, and Up the Staircase Quarterly. She writes about things at Twitter: @tzynya.



Melita White is the writer behind Feminist Confessional, a blog that features feminist poetry, essays and personal pieces in a confessional style, with a focus on the MeToo movement. She is a composer and musician and once worked in academia.



Lauren Gargiulo is a writer from and living in Vancouver BC. Lauren is currently completing a
BA in English Literature from Queen’s University. Lauren writes poetry, screenplays, prose
and nonfiction. Lauren is a mental health advocate who’s interests involve tea, alcohol, horror
and dystopian worlds. Lauren is a regular contributor to Rose Quartz Journal. You can find
Lauren on Twitter and Instagram @LovinGarr.



Isabelle Kenyon is currently a northern, UK based poet and a graduate in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York. Isabelle is the author of This is not a Spectacle, Micro chapbook, The Trees Whispered (Origami Poetry Press) and Digging Holes To Another Continent (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York). ​She is the editor of Fly on the Wall Press, a small press for charitable anthologies, the latest of which is Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, which raises money for UK mental health charity, Mind and came runner up for Best Anthology at the Saboteur Awards, 2018. ​Her poems have been published in many poetry anthologies, such as The Road To Clevedon Pier and The Inkyneedles anthology. She has had poems published in literary journals such as The Blue Nib, Pangolin Review, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Eskimo Pie, Scrittura, Anti - Heroin Chic, Bewildering Stories and Literary Yard.

Brittany Barron is a poet and writer from Michigan. She is currently an MFA candidate at the
University of Tampa. Brittany is an activist, survivor, and ally. Twitter: @justBrittanyj.



KRISTINE ESSER SLENTZ is originally from northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area, or what’s lovingly called “The Region.”  KRISTINE is a Purdue University alum who studied English literature and creative writing. Currently, KRISTINE is earning her MFA in creative writing (poetry) at City College of New York. She is also the Assistant Editor for the online poetry publication Unfold Magazine, and the Features Manager for The Speakeasy Project. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Yes Poetry, Philosophical Idiot, Moonchild Magazine, and then Flying Island Journal where she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.



Stu Buck is a poet and author living in north Wales. His debut collection of poetry, Casually Discussing the Infinite, peaked at 89 on Amazons World Poetry chart and his second book 'I Am Very Far' will be released on Selcouth Station Press in 2019. He has been published extensively both online and in print. When he is not writing or reading poetry, he likes to cook, juggle and listen to music. He suffers terribly from tsundoku - the art of buying copious amounts of books that he will never read.



Ann E. Wallace writes of life with illness, motherhood, and other everyday realities. Her work, recently published in journals such as BloodSugarPoetry, Wordgathering, The Literary Nest, Rogue Agent, as well as in the inaugural issue of Rhythm and Bones, can be found on her website She lives in Jersey City, NJ and is on Twitter @annwlace409.



I.G. Frederick is a former newspaper reporter and trained observer who trades words for cash specializing in erotic and transgressive fiction and poetry since 2001. Her erotic short stories appear in electronic, audio, and print anthologies produced by publishers in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Her longer work ranges in scope from romance (Dommemoir) to tragedy (Choices) to BDSM Space Opera (The Lady & The Spyder series). Her personal essays appear in various publications and some are collected in her non-fiction book Connecting to Kink. Learn more on her websites, and



a.c.h.* is a journalist and musician living in the Midwest.



Caroline Grand-Clement is a seventeen years old, half-time poet, half-time student at an international school in Lyon, France. She dreams of art in any form, falling stars & late night conversations. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Beyond the Shallows, an anthology by L’Éphémère Review, Rose Quartz Journal, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram @octopodeshearts.



Amanda Stovicek is a poet from Northeast Ohio made of star stuff. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Gordon Square Review, sidereal magazine, BARNHOUSE, Nice Cage, and elsewhere. Her debut micro-chapbook, SPACE SPECTACULAR, was published by Ghost City Press in the 2018 Summer Series. You can find her at or on Twitter @amae099.



Elisabeth Horan is an imperfect creature from Vermont advocating for animals, children and those suffering alone and in pain - especially those ostracized by disability and mental illness. She is a regular contributor at TERSE. Journal, Rhythm & Bones, Mohave He(art), Milk + Beans, and Feminine Collective. Current projects include: Pensacola Girls, written in collaboration with Kristin Garth, Bone & Ink Press, September, 2018; Was it R*pe, Vessel Press, 2019; and Just to the Right of the Stove, June, 2019, Hedgehog Poetry Press.  Elisabeth received a 2018 Best of the Net Nomination from Midnight Lane Boutique and has an MFA in Poetry from Lindenwood University. Follow her @ehoranpoet  &



Kerry E.B. Black is a Pittsburgh native, parents five kiddos, and is married to a displaced Raiders fan. Please follow at for publishing updates. 



Cris Iacoponi is a 21 year old poet in Philadelphia, PA. She writes on surviving- past and present, trauma, mental illness, and all the good juicy gossip you expect from your local queer poetry. She has been published in magazines such as Lavender Review, Crooked Arrow Press, and Awakenings Foundation. You can reach her at



Annabel Banks is an English writer of poetry and prose. You can find more of her work at or Tweet her @annabelwrites. She would love to hear from you. 



Chestina Craig lives in Santa Cruz, California with her cat. Her work has been published by The Rising Phoenix Review, Sea Foam Mag, Button Poetry and others. She has presented her work at The Presidents Commission on The Status of Women, The Young Women’s Empowerment Conference, & more. She has a degree in Marine Biology, loves to meld science and art, and sometimes pets sharks or hangs out with octopi. She hopes that one day she will only be required to wear gauzy clothing, study the ocean, and get paid to have too many feelings. Her chapbook “body of water” came out October 2017 with Sadie Girl Press.



Gill Lambert is a poet and teacher from Yorkshire.  She has been published widely,  and was the 2016 Ikley Literature Festival open mic winner.  Her pamphlet 'Uninvited Guests' was published last year by Indigo Dreams..  



Leila Tualla is a Filipino-American memoirist, poet, and Christian author. Leila’s books include a YA Christian contemporary romance called, Love, Defined and a memoir/poetry collection called ‘Storm of Hope: God, Preeclampsia, Depression and me.' Her poetry is featured in a few mental health anthologies, ‘Please Hear what I'm not Saying’ and ‘We are Not Alone: Stories of Mental Health Awareness’. She is currently working on a chapbook series of identities; the first one, 'not your token,' is out and explores Asian stereotypes and growing up brown in small town America. 



Agampreet Kalra is a writer from India. She believes she has been mentally and physically bruised several times in her life and hopes to make those marks battle scars in this battle in life. She believes in fighting for herself and healing her mental health and hopes to be a solace for all others in the same journey. She spends her time writing, reading, staying up late, talking to her dog and drinking coffee.



Cyndie Randall is a poet, therapist, and song-maker. She lives with her nature-loving family in a little town on Michigan’s Kalamazoo River. You can connect with Cyndie on Twitter (@CyndieRandall), Facebook (, or at



* Due to the sensitivity and highly personal nature of many of these pieces, some authors have chosen to remain anonymous upon publication. We ask that you respect their requests for anonymity, even if you recognize their stories upon reading. Thank you for your respect and support of survivors.

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