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Cover Design: Renee Firer

Print copy:

You Are Not

Your Rape


a collection of poems

& creative nonfiction

Published in December 2018

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*Barnes & Noble

*A Novel Idea

(E. Passyunk Ave., Philly)

Proceeds benefit RAINN, Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR), and other nonprofit organizations focused on helping victims & survivors of sexual abuse, assault & trauma.

Thank you so much for your endless support and love. It means the whole world.

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"It is one thing for victims of sexual abuse to confront their accusers. It is another for them to craft hellacious memories into devastatingly beautiful art. The strong souls in the YANYR anthology have done just that, and in doing so have offered a raw look into the lives of those who have suffered trauma and yet have risen above its horror to present hope. This is a wonderfully written and exceedingly brave collection of voices that absolutely needs to be heard."                                                 

~ Jason D. Ramsey,

Publisher/Executive Editor, Barren Press


"This anthology will help people struggling through trauma and the isolating feelings that comes with it, to feel like they're not alone, and help them put in words what they may struggle to articulate on their path to healing."                                                 

~ Kimberly Wolkens

You Are Not Your Rape is both urgent in its message and breathtaking in its vision, featuring poems and works of creative non-fiction that confront trauma head on while refusing to forget the damage that brings forth creation."

~ Paul S. Rowe,





“A timely mix of creative nonfiction, essay writing and poetry, ‘You Are Not Your Rape’ serves as a loud, in-your-face statement that in the age of the internet and social media, more survivors are finding the courage to come forward and expose their attackers.”

In a time where the news tells tales of accused rape and those who speak out are ridiculed, sent death threats, shamed, made to feel unsafe... this project is all the more important and necessary. To provide a permanent home for those voices who refuse to stay silent, despite this. Despite the trauma we endure. 


This is an influential time for us to speak out. 

While our anthology title calls for empowerment and overcoming, we wish to share the reality of the situation. How very hopeless and negative you can feel. How it can rip you to pieces and absolutely destroy every part of you. Do not shy away from the darkness and reality of this situation. These are stories and emotions that need to be shared. We endeavor to show just how horrible this can be, how detrimental to one's wellness. We are survivors and there are many steps on this journey. We wish to honor each and every one of these. ♥️ Empowerment is a process. We honor every step, the fledgling ones in the dark hopelessness too.


Much love to each and every one of you and thank you for your bravery and courage in sharing your stories. 🌹

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