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This debut full-length hybrid collection of essays and poetry explores the moments of joy and chaotic hilarity that mingle with the experiences of trauma and trauma recovery. Jane Marshall Fleming writes with a boldness and shows the beauty in every moment of her life amidst the darkness of violent chaos, embracing joy just as much as darkness. Moving from a backdrop of a small Virginia town and eventually finding herself in the freedom and wildness of the desert, readers will follow the author on her journey mapping her skin, sharing in her joys, grief, pain, loss, finding love, and self-growth throughout even the deepest chaos, blooming like a desert flower.

April 2020

Cover art by Jordan Aman

Preorders begin Feb. 1st

Advanced Praise

"The snippets of Jane Marshall Fleming’s life in Violence/Joy/Chaos is woven together to create an honest, open space to discuss universal themes, such as motherhood, substance abuse, and toxic relationships. Despite its moments of darkness, Marshall Fleming shows readers the sliver of light with organic transitions between poetry and the prose of her essays. The title for this collection is more than fitting, as Marshall Fleming shows us that between the moments of violence and chaos, there is always joy. "

—Keana Aguila Labra, Editor-in-Chief of Marías at Sampaguitas




Published Pieces



'Night Driving Tendrils' - Moonchild Mag

'Shower Beers & Sex Jokes' - Barren Magazine

'Morning Sickness' - Entropy Magazine

'There's a Pinot I Can't Drink' - Foliate Oak Lit Mag

'Magnolia Leaves' - Nightingale & Sparrow


'Ocotillo Worship' - Barren Magazine

'No One Tells You How to Birth Spirits' - Glass Poetry

Jane Marshall Fleming is an author and artist living in Austin, Texas. She currently works as an Assistant Instructor in the Department of Rhetoric at the University of Texas at Austin and is the author of the chapbook, Ocotillo Worship (APEP 2019). Violence/Joy/Chaos is her first full length collection. More information and her published works can be found through her blog, You can also find her on twitter @queenjaneapx

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