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We're all about what makes prose lyrical. We don't believe in writers sticking to a single genre.


Give us your poetry, your hybrids, your prose that sings, your creative nonfiction.


We want emotion - make us feel. 


Make the darkness beautiful. 


Minimalism is sometimes called the "bare bones" of literature. That's what we want.


Stories stripped down to the most necessary words. To the most vital, the very skeleton.

But they must be a complete story, with a full arc.

We are Currently CLOSED for regular

issue submissions. 


*Query us by email if you have an idea for a Special Feature,

pairing art with prose, or if you want to submit a Review or

Interview for Publication.*



Our philosophy is that all creative authors, of all ages and genders, race, nationality and sexuality, have the right to expression through the written word and should have a true outlet for their work. We believe in honesty, integrity, and at the heart, the writing community. Our vision is that Rhythm & Bones Press is able to create a publication outlet for those authors who may find their work being dismissed or overlooked for whatever reason. We want to be the outlet to help and encourage all authors of more dynamic writing, to be able to achieve their goals. Ultimately, to have their work published and read.

Copy & paste your submission into the body of the email or attach as .doc or .docx. (.jpg for art & photos). Please make sure the work you are sending is how you would like it published. If you submit with the title written "sally Loves tubesocks" instead of "Sally Loves Tubesocks," we'll go with the former. The same rules apply to author names and actual submitted content. So please, please, PLEASE proofread your work, bios, & artist statements/captions.

We accept simultaneous submissions but please let us know as soon as possible if your submission is accepted elsewhere!


**Include a short cover letter and a short bio with your submission.**



Please limit your submission to five (5) pieces of poetry (no more than 1500 words total).


Flash / Fiction / Creative Non-Fiction

Please limit your submission to three (3) pieces of flash (no more than 1500 words).


Artwork / Photography

Please limit your submission to six (6) pieces of art/photography.

Reviews & Interviews

Open year-round for written reviews and interviews, please query by email, including: 

For Reviews: the title of the book, name of the author, intended release date,

press that published it, short bios of yourself & and the author of the book,

cover photo and a short summary of the book.

For Interviews: the name of the interviewer and interviewee, bios for both

(headshots are optional), and an interview in Word doc.

Any other information you think we should know, please include in your query.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of requests we receive, we currently cannot accept

any queries for reviews to be written by our press, but we are happy to publish

reviews/interviews that have already been written and support our community!

Please submit your work to


Include 'Submission' and the genre in the subject of the email followed by your name.



While we won't immediately reject an 'after' poem, please be sure you have created a poem in response to someone and made it your own, not taken their work and claimed it as yours. We will not tolerate any form of plagiarism, and if we discover you have plagiarized, we will alert all editors in our immediate circle and we will no longer accept any of your work for publication.

Rhythm & Bones Press reserves the right to reject any piece of work that promotes hatred toward any race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, etc. We also reserve the right to reject work from authors who are known abusers or whose work promotes hatred/violence. This will not be tolerated. Rhythm & Bones Press supports the #saferLIT initiative started by VIDA (read an interview from The Hellebore with Lynn Melnick, a former executive board member of VIDA) to make our literary spaces and communities safer for everyone.

**Please Note: If you have submitted a piece to us, please wait at least ONE MONTH before submitting again. We want to leave the opportunity open for everyone and have had such an outpouring of submissions we feel this is only fair. We love you all, though, and don't want you to think we don't wish to publish you.  xx


Response Time


Response times vary by volume of submissions. You may query after three months, for ease of response, please reply to your original submission email.

Writer's Rights

We ask for one-time nonexclusive rights to publish your work digitally, and plan to publish biannual print anthologies, in which case we request nonexclusive First Native American Serial Rights. Once you work has appeared in our publication, the rights revert back to you and you are free to seek republication elsewhere.  We appreciate first-publication credit, if your work falls into that category, though it isn't necessary. We also ask for archival rights so that your piece may remain on our website. And last, but certainly not least, we ask for one time-printing rights should we print anthologies to celebrate your work. By submitting to us, you agree to these terms. 



Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to pay contributors other than in abounding amounts of love and promotion through as many social media outlets as possible. We have a large Twitter following and are gaining momentum on tumblr/Facebook. We are a small publication and have no revenue. We aim to one day be able to pay contributors in more than love and promotion but for now, we appreciate your understanding and your overwhelming support. xx


We are currently full for manuscript considerations and are not accepting unsolicited manuscript submissions. Please watch for any special calls for manuscript submissions; otherwise, we ask that you do not send your manuscripts to us without being solicited. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see your work in future!

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