Please Welcome our New Social Media Editor!

May 19, 2020


We are eager to continue growing our Rhythm & Bones Press team and family. We very recently announced K Weber joining us as a Reviews Editor. Congrats, K!


With our two year anniversary upcoming, we can reflect on all the things we have accomplished, and all the things we want to do better and aim higher for. There has been some tremendous growth in all of our authors and in their individual accomplishments beyond our press / lit mag, we are so proud to see how far they are going, and want to always do best by each of them. We have always operated as a very small team, since beginning as a lit mag in June 2018 (read our story if you haven't yet), and while this can sometimes have advantages, it also limits us in our vision for continued growth and hopes of becoming more sustainable. We hope with these additions, this growth is a symbol for all that Rhythm & Bones Press stands for. How we will continue to strive to create a safe, supportive community where everyone can be heard, seen, acknowledged, and uplifted. 


When we considered expanding, we weren't sure where to find the right people, but we are excited to have both new additions find us as moments of serendipity.


Please Welcome our New Social Media Editor, Isabel Rae McKenzie!


We are thrilled to have Isabel joining our team to help us manage our social media accounts, come up with new ways to engage our audiences and community, and help us with promotion. Especially in these times, as we discussed with Isabel when we spoke about her joining our team, our mission of providing that safe space for people, especially who have experienced trauma, mental illness, addiction, and abuse, now is an important time as ever to remind people of all we stand for and all we hope to give to our community. 


A little bit about Isabel:


Isabel Rae McKenzie is a writer based in Chicago. Sober, she writes essays, creative nonfiction, and the occasional poem about alcoholism, addiction, and recovery. She lives for the Midwest, tarot, dogs, and Frida Kahlo.


Follow her on Twitter @birdpoems and IG @isabelraem.


When asked what she's most excited for upcoming she would like to highlight?


I have an essay coming out in Plough Quarterly (@PloughBooks) in early June that I am SUPER proud of as it's my first publication post-writing-hiatus/in sobriety, my first work really discussing & revealing how I've come out the other side of addiction a survivor. It's called "Surrender and Serenity."


Don't miss her essay coming soon, and keep an eye out for her posts, give her a follow and say hello!


Thank you so much for joining us, Isabel! Welcome! We are so thrilled to have you join our team and can't wait to see how you'll help us grow. 



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