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Grounding Exercise for Times of Uncertainty

March 19, 2020: I've been seeking words for days. I come up empty. On Monday, I learned I've been indefinitely laid off (with hope that once the pandemic passes, my place of work will reopen their doors). I've seen this happening widespread... I see so many members of this community affected and I feel helpless. I want to do more, offer more, give more. But I find myself struggling with my own intense anxiety and stress. The past two days I've been hit with fatigue, immense pain from menstrual cramps, and physically being sick. My anxiety and stress often hits my body physically. I don't have symptoms of COVID-19, but I'm constantly thinking of those who are battling the virus, those who have loved ones battling the virus, who are immunocompromised, and who have loved ones who are immunocompromised (I have many), etc.

On Monday my mom shared with me a beautiful grounding exercise / visualization which was originally sent to my little sister who is on the frontline of the virus, working in a local hospital and seeing this firsthand. My thoughts return to her every moment.

My family has always been very tuned to energies in the world. My mom is a Reiki healer, using energies to heal with her hands. I've grown up with the belief that energies align us, surround us, influence us. And right now, I'm attuned to the chaotic energies, the worried energies, the panic. So I wanted to reach out and give to everyone this grounding exercise which feels like a very personal and deep part of me. Whether you believe in this or not, I hope it will bring some relief to those who do, or even take your mind from your worries for a moment.

This Heaven & Earth Grounding exercise / visualization was originally sent from my mom's dearest friend, Kathy Araki, who lives in New Mexico, where my sister and I were born. She also practices Reiki. I'm sharing with permission. When I spoke with her, she said it's important in this unsettling time for us to all do our parts by grounding and taking care of ourselves, physically but especially mentally and emotionally. This is how kindness and compassion develops.

I wish everyone will be well and stay safe, and grounded. I also find breathing exercises helpful, even just focusing on your breathing for a few moments can help turn your mind away from anxieties.


Heaven & Earth Grounding🧘‍♂️

Grounding into the earth is an important starting place.

The earth’s core is fluid magma. Liquid minerals that are moving & swirling around & creating a magnetic field.

This field protects the earth from solar rays.

By connecting your energy through the soles of your feet into the ground, you can tap into that protective force.

Bring your attention & energy into your feet. Allow them (the feet soles) to open & connect down into the core of the earth. There, where you meet the core, is your special sacred connection to the core; it moves with you as you move.

This is the plug in.

The more often you connect with it, the more connected you will become.

Once you connect down to the core. Allow the energy to come up through your feet into your torso & out the top of the head, into the heavens.

Connect the energy to your special heaven center. (Your Beam me up place.)

Connect & relish.

Then bring the heaven center beam back down to you into your heart & body.

You are there with the synergy of the two.

Lastly, continue the beam down through the feet to connect back into the earth to ground.

(Your, Beam me down place.)

Use your mind, use your thoughts, use your feelings; your felt sense body.

The energy exists within & without you.

Once connected.

Ask for the protection,

Ask for the guidance,

Ask for the wisdom to act well.

Ask for what is needed.

The grounding assists you through the uncertainty of things. We are connected into the magnetic force.

A great meditation or instant visualization.

Use before a Reiki session.

Like a light force shield that surrounds you & grounds you into it & into yourself.

~ ️Kathy

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