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Editor's Letter: Happy New Year!




The end of the year always offers a time of reflection for everyone. All we have accomplished, maybe things we wish we hadn’t accomplished, goals we set for ourselves that we achieved or perhaps didn’t achieve. Either way, I hope you can all look back on this year as a success, regardless of any goals maybe you didn’t meet, you’ve done it! We survived 2019, and the world hasn’t ended yet, and we are still creating art. That’s my main focus as this year comes to an end: how much beautiful art the year has been filled with. I feel immensely fortunate and lucky, to come to the end when I started this year full of doubt, full of fear. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to achieve but I knew I had big dreams, huge goals, and I think I can say I exceeded what I set out for at the start of this year.

As founder and editor-in-chief of Rhythm & Bones, I have felt so fortunate watching this passion project continue to grow. We hit 7k followers on Twitter this year, which feels like a wonderful achievement in itself, so thank you all who follow us there. We published 9 books, as well as our first anthology YANYR one year ago, December 2018, which was just named a top book by Margaret Atwood and mentioned on her end of year book list as part of a collection of books about women (we had contributors from all genders, races, orientations).

I have been amazingly proud of all the work Rhythm & Bones has accomplished this year: we published three issues of our online lit mag, a few months of a Necropolis blog featuring some wonderful talented writers, and nine (9) total books from stunning authors. Each of them have shown me something this year, have motivated and inspired me with their words and given me overall hope, strength to continue on with this publishing (which can often seem very lonely). I will never be able to thank all my authors enough for the gift of their words, allowing me to bring these books into the world, making this endeavor much less lonely. It's a dream come true. Last year, I didn't quite fully realize my intense dream of publishing books, editing books, creating this beautiful press. But now that I have, I'm extremely exited to keep going, keep growing, reach for the stars, and can't wait for the year ahead, and many more to come after that.