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Universe of Little Corners

Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash

Universe of Little Corners

Today I tried to extrapolate:

if I stand at the espresso bar

and keep my hip tucked against

the pitchers and milk jugs

the light crests over my left shoulder

and that light would also be striking

the desk in your office

unless of course it’s cloudy out there

and the whole thing fell apart again--maybe

because my corner makes me understand

why small chickens must be kept in round enclosures--I’ve started counting

stacking things against each other

towards infinity, but how then

will we find each other among

all the nooks and crannies

every possible view, one thing

meeting another

mathematically, two lines intersect only once

before chasing their own trajectories

~ Bridget McCarthy


Bridget McCarthy is a writer and wonderer from the suburbs of Chicago. She is a graduate of Knox College and writes about the moments that cannot be trusted to memory.

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