She comes / she goes

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

She comes / she goes

I love her,

ah, she comes as she goes

in soothing, playful waves

at first, a conch shell remains

with a siren song in her place.

I love her, ah,

yes, I love her.

Ah, she comes then she goes

with stronger tides yet

as the earth erupts the moon

shifting to the darker side.

I love her, ah,

yes, I love her.

And she loves—

Ah, she comes but she goes

like tsunamis when an indigo

butterfly flaps flaps flaps

creating chaos all around.

I love her, ah,

yes, I love her.

And she loves

me neither.

~ Nadia Gerassimenko


Nadia Gerassimenko is the founding editor of Moonchild Magazine and proofreader at Red Raven Book Design. She is a freelancer in editorial services by trade, a poet and writer by choice, a moonchild and nightdreamer by spirit. Nadia self-published her first chapbook Moonchild Dreams (2015). at the water’s edge is her second chapbook, published by Rhythm & Bones Press (2019).

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