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Creative Study: Falco Verholen

Creative Study: Falco Verholen

"See it through":

"No point in hiding":

"Keep it coming":

"For that Matter":

"The sacred globe":

I'm Falco Verholen (1984), an artist, filmmaker and comic creator based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I've had a weak spot for the surreal, unearthly and macabre from an early age. At the same time, I'm drawn to a sense of calm and tenderness, and creating a meaningful human connection. I try to unite these two elements in most of the personal work I create. Some of the fuel behind my work is music, which I couldn't create without, the Dutch natural landscape, and plenty of comedy to help me make some sense of the world we live in.


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A common theme in these five pieces is the desire to devour and merge with a person that seems terrifying at first, or appears impossible to understand. This almost cannibalistic act can range from a more violent and energetic approach to a more physical or erotic one. I also have an ongoing fascination with and love for our viscera, muscle and bone structures. To me they are soothing and utterly alien at the same time, and sometimes they're all we have left. Three of them, those with animal elements, are tied into my ongoing webcomic Weaker Sides. It's a surreal and at times experimental story about an artist waking up to find her human head has been replaced by that of a doe without her having a choice in it. Voiceless and panicked at first, she soon sinks her teeth into retrieving her own face, while making several enemies and new allies on her journey.

The comic can be found at

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