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'Thornfield Hall' / 'Love Letter from a Ragdoll to her Skeleton Performer'

Photo by Jeffrey Wegrzyn on Unsplash

Thornfield Hall

My heart is Thornfield Hall

and I am your ashen governess,

ventricles pounding stronger

behind a ribcage of poverty

and literature written in cursive.

Your inherited hallways

blaze with an inferno

of secrets and mystery,

sharper than pain and

there are too many losses in my life

to keep me from dismissing the echoes

that you left in the hollows

of my chambers. I will share

this collapsed mansion with you

that a foreign fire claimed and

I can guide you down the path

that has been spared.

I can walk at your pace,

there are no ghosts anymore-

dead embers of final secrets

sealed off from the one you love most.

~ December Lace