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Photo by Conrad Ziebland on Unsplash


I love you, as the ocean loves the moon.

Tireless, natural as the tide,

This endless pursuit.

Our ephemeral twilight closeness.

The briefest kiss before I watch you soar,

Reflecting your distant beauty a thousand times,

In mirror shards that hypnotise the stars.

Descent from your cathedral in the sky.

Shed your skin, swim with me for a night.

Immerse yourself in my devotion.

Love me, as the moon loves the ocean.

~ Chloe Gorman


Chloe Gorman is a copywriter, poet & aspiring author. Her poetry and fiction leans towards romantic, dark and gothic themes. She has an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University for which she received a distinction. She has poems published in Black Bough Issues 1 & 2, Fevers of the Mind. Mookychick & Re-Side, with more forthcoming later this year.