Does She Ask Who I Am?

November 24, 2019



Photo by Gean Montoya on Unsplash 


“Does She Ask Who I Am?” 


I know my place

Keep me centered

and I’ll make this

ledge a home


I don’t need half

Just a taste


You will belong

in everything I know

Painted with care

Flat and


Always colorful


You see yourself

I see you

She sees you


What color are my cheeks?

Her curls?

Your heart?




~ Kiley Lee








Kiley Lee is an artist and writer from Almost Heaven, West Virginia. Her poems have appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Ghost City Review, Marias at Sampaguitas, Mojave Heart Review, Animal Heart Press, and Dancing Girl Press among others, and she is currently working on her first chapbook. Her drawings and paintings have been showcased on various online platforms and shown in multiple exhibitions at the Monongalia Arts Center in Morgantown, WV. Follow her on Twitter @KBogart10, or on Instagram @kileylee.writing &



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