HOME: An Interview with Lauren Milici

July 4, 2019


HOME: An Interview with Lauren Milici


KRISTIN GARTH:  I’m very excited about the prospect of your forthcoming chapbook Final Girl, and I know I’m not the only one.  Can you tell us some about its inspiration, organization, the story of its inception?


LAUREN MILICI:  Thank you! When I moved to West Virginia for grad school, I was assaulted. This -inevitably brought up a lot of other trauma I was choosing to ignore. Once I started writing about my trauma, I couldn't stop. EMDR therapy helped me write these poems/revisit these scenes with a clearer mind.


The Final Girl is my favorite trope in the slasher-horror subgenre. She's the girl who makes it out alive in the end - the sole survivor. I have always looked for myself in horror movies, and have always found so much comfort in watching these incredible women survive.


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