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by Weslyn Rae Newburn

The secret to a beautiful garden is compost – silky, life-sustaining soil.

Leave your pile exposed so worms and roly polies can crawl inside to consume the thoughts you discarded like the eyes from the potatoes you left in the pantry too long.

Keep an even mixture of carbon and nitrogen material by covering your kitchen scraps with leaves from the Crepe Myrtle you cried under in the spring when your Grandma died.

Spray your compost with water to keep it from shriveling up like hydrangeas in the afternoon sun. Turn it every couple of months to mix up the debris and emotions you buried with the mangoes that rotted on the kitchen counter.


Weslyn lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Her work has previously appeared in Terse Journal, Alphanumeric, the Blue Hour, the Blue Hour Anthology: Volume Three, Along the Forgotten Coast: Selected Poems, and the Eyrie. She is a proud Floridian, Pagan, and Earth warrior who enjoys film photography and collecting roadkill to create spooky stuff. To read more of Weslyn’s work, please visit