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ARTISTIC STUDY: Russ Daum & A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony

Russ Daum is the highly dedicated and extremely talented illustrator for the upcoming collaboration A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony being released this June at Rhythm & Bones Press between Kristin Garth, Justin Karcher, and Tianna G. Hansen. He selected poems from the collection to illustrate (see some samples below), and he has been a joy to work with.

Artist's Statement:

Russ Daum often draws in the midst of chaos and lets his subconscious guide his hand in seeking a calm spirit.

You can find out out more about him at

and on twitter at Tranquility Base @RussDaum.



"All the World's a Stage, Except When It's Not"

(poem by Justin Karcher featured at Mookychick)


(poem by Kristin Garth - listen to the poet read here.)

"As You Become the Firebird"

(poem upcoming at Moonchild Mag by Tianna G. Hansen)

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