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thin lines

tree nymph rice paper butterfly

by Ross (Dragon)

thin lines

by Mela Blust

think about what they take

yes, but

think about how you let them

this is how we are raised

a temple of loneliness praying to


think about what is gained

oh, but think about

what has been lost

if you are a dead butterfly in a jar

at least you were pretty enough

to collect

now, dream about what comes next

oh, now, but

don’t dream too far

it is the thin lines that separate

what we were from

what we have become


Mela Blust is Florida raised. She has always had an affinity for dark things. Her work has appeared in Anti Heroin Chic, The Rye Whiskey Review, Nixes Mate Review, Califragile, Little Rose Magazine, and The Magnolia Review, and is forthcoming in Rust+Moth, Abstract Magazine, Ink in Thirds, and Third Wednesday Magazine.

Ross (Dragon) is a poet, fiction writer, musician and photographer. Always crafting unique metaphors and similes, he imbues an evocative writing style with potent imagery and symbolism, often exhuming his own past to uncloak the dark beauty it guards.

He enjoys reading space opera and poetry, and inhales most genres of music, from the blues to death metal. When armed with his camera, he hunts down the golden hour, powerful contrast, painfully vibrant colour and piercing lines.

You can find some of his free, accessible poetry on Instagram: @delphicdragon and chat to him under the same handle on Twitter.

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