Blood on Snow


a monthly feature by

Elisabeth Horan

“MKE View”

Art by Ryan Schauffler

Dearest Friends -

You are so wonderful. I know you are with me today and everyday... in this - my difficult trial, as well as in my recovery and survival. I love you all so much. I will be back soon to say, "Hello Twitter Loves..."

Yours always, Eli <3

Blood on Snow

Have I ever known The taste of man

In his shell and casing Few can land a blow

As this; shotgun tip And finger lost, what

History have I made

Here From the wishing

Lips to the imagined Tryst

What a way to go Having never

Drummed a hide With bone

Having never launched Never arrived

Stark white God's winter plays out

I stand in the snow Shoeless

And the red I drip Is my own.

*Editor's Note: Today when this is posted, Eli is going through a personal trial and is in the hospital for a procedure. Please send her all your love and healing thoughts as we do the same. She is a light in this community that will never dim for anyone, and she inspires with her endless talent and love for everyone. We wish her all the warmth, love and healing light while she endures this. Eli is a strong woman and has taught us many lessons since we have known her. We are thrilled, also, to be publishing her chapbook Was It R*pe, coming in August 2019. We love you, Eli! xoxox


A Note from the Artist, Ryan Schaufler

Ms. Horan is one of my favorite poets & human beings. Our first collaboration was through Twitterization Nation & we’ve kept in touch ever since. When she sent me her beautiful, yet haunting poem, my first thoughts were: separation, red, snow, mystery, a confusing pain, & a violent history. I have a number of pieces without a mate. “MKE View” found a mate. Peace & Blessings. -S

BIO: Mr. Schaufler received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in Acting. Not only has Mr. Schaufler worked as a professional actor for over 20 years, he is also a special education teacher, theatre teacher, playwright, director, photographer, artist, and a father. His photography can be seen in Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge, Pithead Chapel (2017 September Cover), The Perch, Cream City Review among others. His plays and poetry have been published in such journals as Rise Up Review, Clockhouse, and Southern Indiana Review (forthcoming). In addition, he is the founder of the online literary site

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