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Self-portrait as pie

"doodles10" by Matthew Yates

Self-portrait as pie

by Gervanna Stephens

A little bit of this a dash of that. Cut and fold to remove lumps of self no longer one no longer whole.

I’m combined dark and light till creamy to set in dish greased no stick, for I am neither.

Skewer then to test, ready, raised, different. Firm and crested— brown, as a result of mixing parents two—

Batter white and mixture black.


Gervanna Stephens is a Jamaican poet and proud Slytherin with congenital amputation living in Canada. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bone & Ink, Rose Quartz, Persisan Sugar, 8 poems, TERSE. Journal,, Whirlwind Magazine, Enclave and Anti-Heroin Chic. She hates public speaking, has two sisters who are way better writers than her and thinks unicorns laugh when we say they aren’t real. Tweets @ gravitystephens

Matthew Yates is an artist & poet from western KY. His work can be found in Memoir Mixtapes.

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