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Pewter and Pebble

Pewter and Pebble by Savannah Slone

birds coast in configurations out the window,

reflections on your laptop screen. hypnotic ribcage

heaves. Coming Out is putting everything on the line: an orphic sinkhole, knowing life will undoubtedly alter. unveiling your inner workings, your sinkhole of self bearing your narcotic teeth as you bite into that ripe peach and warm honey oozes out, dribbling down your prickly chin—

neck and hands and thoughts left immobile with adhesive. guzzling down that effervescent elixir seeking an assemblage of catharsis, left only wilting as your tinny voice sounds.

sharing that bumblebee hum of words that shouldn’t have to be said.

the world goes pigeon grey for just a moment.


Savannah Slone is a queer writer who is completing her M.F.A. in the Pacific Northwest. Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in or will soon appear in Heavy Feather Review, Boston Accent Lit, The Airgonaut, Ghost City Press, decomP magazinE, Maudlin House, FIVE:2:ONE, Pidgeonholes, TERSE Journal, Glass, and elsewhere. She enjoys reading, knitting, hiking, and discussing intersectional feminism. You can read more of her work at

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