Making a winter coat

"Braving the Storm" by Sulyn Godsey

Making a winter coat

by Penny Sharman

I am bringing these things to you, memories from the stone house where we walked out from doors to moorland.

I a child of violet heather who gazed over the backs of sheep, who saw big skies in small shoes, where light expands forever in skulls.

All the potions and herbs were gathered into a pouch, a daily duty like baking bread. I a child am bringing these things to you when time came to knit the fur from heather buds and sheep tufts,

to card, to comb them by hand and fingers, always in the light, the spotlight on bog pools full of rain.

Here was the act of making the coat the girl to woman the waking nights of visions, the seeing of dark sky, Orion's belt, the Bear, stars to pluck, to pull down knowledge, to weave them as jewels into fur and skin.

To weave yellow gorse flowers, cotton tops, black juniper berries, to proof the coat, to grow me, to humanise me into new skin. Here then, I bring my coat to you.


Penny has been writing poetry for over 10 years and has an MA in Creative Writing from Edge Hill University. Penny has been published in various magazines and anthologies such as The Interpreters House, Obsessed with Pipework, Poetry Quarterly, Outburst, Picaroon, Strix and Marble and also Beautiful Dragons Anthologies. Penny is an artist, photographer and therapist with an eye for the lens and music for the words. She loves to dance when her ageing joints allow.

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