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Issue Three: Breakfast Alone

Letter from the Editor

Title Story:

“Breakfast Alone”

Eric S. Fomley

Accompanied by: "connected" - Stephen Briseño

"I See You"

Michelle Hansen

“Spring begins somewhere”

Jennifer Wolkin

“Volcanoes & Hurricanes”

Caitlin Cording


Jen Persichetti

“Suitcase Full of Broken Dreams”

Amanda McLeod

“The Child, Up in the Tree Again”

Eric James Cruz

"The Huntsman”

Hannah Storm

(Creative Nonfiction)

“And These, My Least Best Selves”

Jen Rouse

Accompanied by: "Thorns and flowers and hummingbirds" - Jen Rouse

“Pewter and Pebble”

Savannah Slone

“The Perfect Woman”

Gillian Davies

“Storm Surge”

Jennie Badger

“Shadows Cannot be Seen in the Pitch-Black"

L.N. Holmes

“Making a winter coat”

Penny Sharman

“Vacant Vessel”

Lindsay Popolizio

“Little White Lies”

Steve Campbell

“The Times I was Almost a Mother”

Amber Aspinall

(Creative Nonfiction)


Gervanna Stephens


Jack Bedell


Sarah Huels

Accompanied by: "Shared Landscape: - Sarah Huels

“As if a door has been opened”

Tara Isabel Zambrano

“Weight of the World”

Amy Alexander

Accompanied by: artwork by the author

“Past the River this evening”

Eric James Cruz


Matthew Yates

Accompanied by: "agora" - Matthew Yates

“The Thing About Abandonment”

Kimberly Wolkens

Accompanied by: photo by the author


Gillian Davies

“The Unstolen Heart”

Neel Trivedi


Elisabeth Alain

“uncover my hollow”

Savannah Slone