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I See You

I See You

by Michelle Hansen

Looking out over a book.

I see you.

The night before I met you.

I was bold, we exchanged contact.

Who knew the next chapter?

We learnt from each other.

Leaned on each other, miles and an ocean apart.

You are my new kind of strength.

Somewhere in an ordinary world.

Through travel and circumstance.

Laughter, tears and shared hope.

We stand today to marry.

I see you.

A Michelin star meeting an alphabetizer.

In a book filled of unfilled pages.

Our story is about to start.

Difficult times may come.

We can read each other now even in the dark.

You are my newest chapter.

I’m me, you’re you, together and stronger we’re we.

We stand today to marry.

I see this and I see you.


Michelle Hansen wrote this as a special dedication for Tianna G. Hansen and her husband, Scott, Michelle’s younger brother, and read this poem at their wedding. This is her first publication, but she has a promising future as a writer. She currently lives in Denmark.