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“Shared Landscape”

photo by Sarah Huels

Convergence by Sarah Huels

My mother, my son, and I. Fierce, fiercer, and smoother of storms and ruffled feathers. Anchored calmly in my chair with boy on my lap, picture book in my hands, and the elderly lady sitting in chair beside me. I read, slowly and gently, my voice flowing in to the soft afternoon air of the quiet room. I turn the pages and lovingly show the pictures to fierce and fiercer. Their eyes are wide with innocent delight and wonder at the discovery of new worlds. A wave of sadness and joy at the sheer beauty and loss of the moment almost knocks me flat. Fierce and fiercer are but innocents afloat on a vast ocean of unknowing. One moving backwards and one moving forwards. This is the moment they converge. I am the boat, the oars, the bale bucket, the rope. The smoother of storms and ruffled feathers, as we sit, read and breathe. My mother, my son, and I.


Sarah Huels - Born 1965 in Toronto Canada, lived in Lorraine QC and Montreal QC until Jan 1 1970. Grew up in Peterborough Ontario. Stared writing little stories in Grade 3. Always a voracious reader. Definitely a romantic admirer of 70’s. Observer and photographer of minutiae. Poems are an extension of that. Live with my husband and son in Newmarket, Ontario.