CREATIVE STUDY: Fabrice Poussin's Photography

December 31, 2018


Fabrice Poussin 

collection of photographs 


Artist's Statement:


The (following) photographs I sent are part of three different collections. "Gateway to Her Secrets," is a more recent piece. I photographed the Delicate Arch in Utah early in the morning. The great American West is one of my favorite places, and Utah tops the list of those states. I have been going there regularly to try and capture the sites under different conditions.


 "Gateway to Her Secrets"


Each summer I have a different project, and this last one took me on a 16,000 mile trek through the Western States.



"No Time for Words" 


Another project was "The Ice Experiments." "No Time for Words," "Secret World," "She Loves It," and The Last Chapter," are all part of this project. In the garden near my home, I used a number of found objects, such as books, broken windows, and natural flowers to create a sense of unity between the world as it once was and as it is much later.


"She Loves It"


 "Secret World"



Composition, light and color are of course essential to me, as they may be for all photographers. The goal of these images is to give the viewer an opportunity to find peace in my creation.