The Ward: Oh my God, u r Amazing

November 20, 2018



Oh my God, u r Amazing.


Thank you always for you.

For all of your Selves - your Hells;


If it indeed plays out that

we can burn alive in more than one -


Let it conflag around us

for there is no other wound

I'd prefer to endure


Than the hot kiss of a Devil

who rents us a room;


Be it red-lit and ready for Rage;

I say Fuck to Repenting.


Our words are the aloe / our tongues the spit

that can seduce a million demons in one lick -


When God is ready for us, sound the alarm

I'm still waiting for Him /  to donate alms


I'm gonna settle down

amidst all the tests / analyzations -


Let me see that Rorschach:

it looks an awful lot like me


In profile, I'm a real beauty ~


Might I suggest a doppleganger of Ye ~

and I'm not embarrassed to say,


The crazy ones make me hottest to this day -

so let's stay put, Whaddyasay?


My dad was Chief Psych when I waltzed about the Ward

how's that for a test,


           -  not sure how my therapy went

since my pain was integral to one Honest Irishman.


I digress Sugar,


Bring that Inpatient Portfolio up in here

I'm gonna deduce the shit out of Her


And still leave some for supper-

all Dante, Gay-folk and Witches invited.


Just no Jesus Thumpers;

please, no Shrinks.


Only got room for me and you, crazy style...

so Baby-Doll, don't you blink.




--- first seen at Occulum,