Automatic Memory with Ingrid Calderon-Collins & Dean Rhetoric

November 8, 2018

Automatic Memory

with Ingrid Calderon-Collins & Dean Rhetoric


Two of my oldest friends on Twitter visit me in The Sonnetarium today.  Ingrid Calderon-Collins was the first poet on Twitter I ever DM’d.  We were in Anti-Heroin Chic, and I read her work and was just stunned by its confidence, vitality, imagery.  As I would get to know Ingrid, her style is indicative of her character, and I’m not at all surprised she’s married now to a visual artist.  I reached out because I admired her poetry and because I was struck by two similarities between us:  one, her profile implied she had been a Mormon, as was I at a time, and her name was Ingrid.  My full name is Kristin Ingrid Garth, and I’d actually never met another Ingrid before.


I was told as a little girl I was named after my Norwegian aunt, but her name was actually Inga.  It was only later that I found out from my mom that my dad dated a German girl when he was stationed there in the war.  My mom told me he was obviously very taken with this girl though my father would always deny it – and that I was in fact named for her. Her name was Ingrid.  I always thought, considering my relationship with my father, it was interesting I was named after a woman he romantic