Happy November from the Sonnetarium & discussion with Ekphrastic Winner Alun Robert

November 1, 2018




Mental outlook is everything.  For a lot of October, I caved into my depression and went around life feeling as if the literal sky was falling on my skeleton, that I was surely doomed.   There was certainly in October moments of loss, cause for sadness, grief.  Things didn’t always go my way.  I behaved in ways I wish I had not.  In some private moments with people I care about, the child overcame the woman.  Tantrums and selfishness ensued.  Still the sky and the earth was very much intact,.  I was physically healthy, very busy in my writing and had a lot of things to be grateful for.  Yet I let the sadness overtake me and outshine everything else. 


It was only some friends of mine reaching out selflessly putting me back on steady ground, healing the child for a moment so the woman could find her feet.  I had epiphany:  I am very alive.  I have so much to be grateful for.  I have so much pleasure to experience if I will just see that and not this imaginary falling sky that perpetually I feel will flatten me physically and flattens me emotionally in a very real way.  I bounced b