Fatalistic Fairy Tale

October 19, 2018

Passed Notes & Poems

a monthly feature by Kristin Garth


The Poem:


Fatalistic Fairy Tale


A dragon breathes inside pink skin. He owns

all of the oxygen.  He’s hatched inside

a ten year old.  Her hemoglobin hones

his stranglehold.  A bloated beast, she hides

beneath, conceived necessity of teeth –

to burn demons with blazing breaths while

a body suffers little deaths. His rage, her grief’s

expansive scrawl upon sweet skin.  What’s wild

won’t crawl. Her soul is choking, next to death.

An animal may be all left.  Dark knight

affright at what he sees -- a child, bereft,

of breath, becoming tragedy.  He’ll fight

unfair, forever, for he must prevail --

a princess in a fucked-up fairytale.