CREATIVE STUDY: Hybrid haibun & new perspectives

October 6, 2018

Hybrid haibun & new perspectives

A Creative Study: Robin Anna Smith




Artist's Statement:


I write both poetry and prose, often hybrids, such as haibun*. My compositions are written plainly, the way I speak, because I want my stories to feel the way I do when I'm telling them verbally. As a person who has lived with a dissociative disorder since early childhood, I'm able to maintain a distance from my stories, while still being in the midst of them. When writing, I try to leave enough white space to allow a reader to come into my world and interpret things from their own vantage point and possibly come away with a new perspective. Sometimes, I'm told people are unsettled or disturbed by my work. While I don't purposely write to shock, I do attempt to reflect on subjects that people would often prefer to ignore, as well as highlight contradictions in everyday life.


*haibun is is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku. The