October 7, 2018


"Yoga for Swans" by Penny Sharman





by Penny Sharman


All night incoming waves roll pebbles
on the storm beach as the girl struggles with fear,
her sweat, lack of breath, the drums in her heart
and screaming mind.
All night the incoming waves pummel
the oyster shells on Llanddona sands
where emptiness echoes in the girl`s ears,
not one giving an answer to her plea for peace.
All night the girl searches for just one pearl
to hold in her hand, to calm her in the driving seat,
to be the passenger, to leave control under a gravestone
at St. Dona`s church.
All night the lost witches rumble spells
through the glazed glass and washed
floor boards inside Gorphwysa, a place of rest,
where each window sees Red Wharf bay.
All night she walks down the hill in dreams:
it`s easy to paddle in the shallow ocean,
it`s easy to place worries in a paper boat,
to sail them to somewhere out of her white room.