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The sea

"Welcoming Tide" by Sulyn Godsey

The Sea

by Rona Fitzgerald

The sea

                        is a seeker

coves     crevices


familiar shores.

Moon glow

                   sun sparkle                                    evening shimmer sepulchre  grey.

Sucks you in                        like depression or love



Casts you on the rocks                                     bleeds you raw keeps you

                                                 in depths. Try to float                     let it carry you.

Close your eyes


you’re                                   a pearl.


Rona Fitzgerald has poems in UK, Scottish, Irish and US publications both in print and online.  Originally from Dublin, she now lives in Glasgow. Most recent publications are Poems for Grenfell Tower, Onslaught Press 2018, and #Me Too, Fair Acre Press, 2018.  

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