Red Wine-Red Whines

Red Wine-Red Whines

by Bridget Kathleen

Pair my wine with the time

The later the night, the deeper the taste

From the bottom of that barrel, aged not to waste

I can sense the warmth before it touches my tongue

Wanting to drink enough to fill just one lung

Simply making myself comfortably miserable


Top photo cred Eugenia Maximova,

Bridget Dixon lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She works on campus at the University of Southeast Missouri State, where she studies English: creative writing. Between balancing school and work she likes to spend time with her roommates, three ill-mannered cats and her best friend. She has publications at her school’s magazine called Journey, eclipse chapbook of 2017 titled The Path of Totality, and featured in Philosopher's Stone Poetry Co.'s that's based out of L.A. - 2017 edition, The Third Eye: Poetry and Prose. She's currently interning as lead editor for Lemon Star Magazine's weekly blogs.

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