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Issue Two: Shattered

Letter from the Editor

Title Story:

“The Routine”

Marie McKay

“I Imagine My Rejected Poems as Ghosts”

Stephen Briseño

Accompanied by: "Confluence 3" - Stephen Briseño

“Red Wine-Red Whines”

Bridget Kathleen


Timothy Duffy

Accompanied by: “under pressure” – Matthew Yates


Nessma A. Elssaway

Accompanied by "edge of things" - Matthew Yates

The Sun is Yours”

Wanda Deglane

Accompanied by: "Sunset Reflection" - Sulyn Godsey


Samantha Curreli

“I am Connemara”

Oliva Tuck

(prose poem)

“Plaid Kitten

Kristin Garth

“Backseat Cynic”

Alex Olson

The Pale Man’s Eyes Never Leave the Horizon”

Jack B. Bedell

Accompanied by: "Bent Teeth" - Stephen Briseño

“In Sickness & Dishonesty”

Charley Barnes

“Steady Blues”

Mary Hanrahan

**First Appeared: NEWMAG, August issue**

Accompanied by: “clouds” - Stephen Briseño

The Sea

Rona Fitzgerald

Accompanied by: "Welcoming Tide" - Sulyn Godsey

“Quetiapine, 550 mg”

Olivia Tuck

“Heed the Warnings of the Natural World”

Elizabeth Dickinson

(Creative Nonfiction)

Accompanied by: 'The First Warning' - Elizabeth Dickinson

“The Cimmerian”

Kristin Garth

Accompanied by: "Nature's Lace" - Sulyn Godsey


Kali Rose

“The Staircase”

Monica Kagan

Accompanied by: “47 Steps” - Angie Hedman

Our god sleeps”

Paul Brookes

Accompanied by: "Poseidon" - Matthew Yates


Maddie White

“Without Fences”

Mary Hanrahan

Accompanied by: “Multiple Stops, Endless Possibilities” – Neel Trivedi


Wanda Deglane


Merril D. Smith

(Creative Nonfiction)

To the Discarded Corn Husks Lying on the Kitchen Table After Christmas Dinner”

Stephen Briseño

Accompanied by: "Fallen Petals" - Stephen Briseño


Olivia Tuck

“Self Portrait of a Writer”

Charley Barnes


Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Accompanied by: "agora" - Matthew Yates

“Nurse Abigail’s New Patient”

Jack Somers


Penny Sharman

Accompanied by: "Yoga for Swans"


Photography by Angie Hedman

Photography by Neel Trivedi

Artwork by Matthew Yates

Photography by Stephen Briseño

Photography by Sulyn Godsey

Creative Study:

Robin Anna Smith

collection of haibuns


Interview with Sci-fi novelist, Anders Cahill

(Interviewer: Charlie Allison)