Issue Two: Shattered

October 3, 2018

Letter from the Editor


Title Story:

“The Routine”

Marie McKay


“I Imagine My Rejected Poems as Ghosts” 

Stephen Briseño

Accompanied by: "Confluence 3" - Stephen Briseño


“Red Wine-Red Whines”

Bridget Kathleen



Timothy Duffy

Accompanied by: “under pressure” – Matthew Yates



Nessma A. Elssaway

Accompanied by "edge of things" - Matthew Yates


The Sun is Yours”

Wanda Deglane

Accompanied by: "Sunset Reflection" - Sulyn Godsey



Samantha Curreli


“I am Connemara”

Oliva Tuck

(prose poem)


“Plaid Kitten

Kristin Garth


“Backseat Cynic”

Alex Olson


“ The Pale Man’s Eyes Never Leave the Horizon”

Jack B. Bedell

Accompanied by: "Bent Teeth" - Stephen Briseño


“In Sickness & Dishonesty”

Charley Barnes