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YOU ARE NOT YOUR R*** (Anthology)

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, AND ON OUR WEBSITE! Proceeds benefit RAINN, Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR), and other nonprofit organizations focused on helping victims & survivors of sexual abuse, assault & trauma.

In the News (December 2018):

We have a feature in Philadelphia Weekly!

The story of how this anthology came to be:

In a time where the news tells tales of accused rape and those who speak out are ridiculed, sent death threats, shamed, made to feel unsafe... this project is all the more important and necessary. To provide a permanent home for those voices who refuse to stay silent, despite this. Despite the trauma we endure.

This is an influential time for us to speak out. I decided to put together an anthology collection of poetry and creative nonfiction combating and spreading awareness of sexual assault. This was inspired by Kristin Garth's call to stand up against the injustice - her Twitter thread of works dealing with assault made me think. I wanted to do more like this and create a physical book. The phenomenal Kristin has agreed to be my partner & co-editor in this difficult but necessary endeavor.

This is an all-inclusive project and does not exclude anyone no matter how you identify. This is for all assault/abuse survivors. It is unfortunately true that assault occurs in many ways.

While our anthology title calls for empowerment and overcoming, we wish to share the reality of the situation. How very hopeless and negative you can feel. How it can rip you to pieces and absolutely destroy every part of you. These are stories and emotions that need to be shared. We endeavor to show just how horrible this can be, how detrimental to one's wellness. We are survivors and there are many steps on this journey. We wish to honor each and every one of these. ♥️ Empowerment is a process. We honor every step, the fledgling ones in the dark hopelessness too.

Much love to each and every one of you and thank you for your bravery and courage in sharing your stories. 🌹

***Note: as survivors of sexual assault and abuse ourselves, please be aware it may take a little time to get through submissions. We must be gentle with ourselves for triggers and PTSD responses. Also we ask all contributors to be gentle with yourselves as well. If you find it too difficult to talk about, we also welcome pieces that explore this aspect. PLEASE do not force yourself to create something that is detrimental to you. ***

We feel you, we see you, we love you. xx

~ Tianna & Kristin