Adrian Ernesto Cepeda Feels The Rhythm In The Bones

September 20, 2018


I’m in a coffee shop decompressing from things that happened to me this week:  sinus infections, tropical storms, Capricorn guilt at work piling up, 9/11 anniversary.  On Twitter for the first time this week, I told the story of how I spent 9/11, the original one, dancing for young servicemen to Sisqo in America bracelets we made after applying eyeliner/glitter in the dressing room like the young, idealistic schoolgirls we very much were, most just out of high school.  It was one of the few nights I danced in just a thong – always wore my tiny plaid “suggestion of a skirt” (as my house mother called it) because I have body shame, body dysmorphia.  It wa