Do I Look Like A Confessional

August 22, 2018




I’ve been offering annotated versions of my chapbook Pink Plastic House on my website and Twitter for sometime now.  The annotations give me a chance to feel like the teenage girl I perpetually am, to chatter diary style – to pass a note to my readers from a once professional schoolgirl about her poems, their influences and context.   People have embraced these annotations, and I was honored when Tianna asked me to continue a bit of this new ritual of mine here. 


Once a month, I’ll be posting a poem in the new Necropolis feature for my friends here at Rhythm & Bones Lit.   Necropolis comes from the title of a sonnet of mine that was published in Mookychick and you can read it here.  It’s a poem about sexual pasts, how they can haunt relationships and our lives.  The Necropolis column will be exploring lots of variations on that theme, the skeletons of our past that we walk around with and survive, offer up to lovers and strangers, seek to understand ourselves and explain to others.  My Passed Notes & Poems offering each month is both a blue-lined notebook paper teenage love letter to my readers and my own public therapy session via free associatio