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Magic Shop

Magic Shop

by Inessa Carver

I step into a magic shop one day

A bundle slung upon my shoulder

My body breaking beneath the weight

Like Atlas broke

A sign upon the wall reads

“Exchanges Only, No Returns”

The crone behind the counter glaring

Like one of the Fates

I expect to see a string

A red thread of destiny, ready to cut

But the decrepit figure has nothing

Only beady eyes

I place my burden down

Gasping from the relief in my soul

But it’s only temporary

“Exchanges Only”

I carefully lay down my heart

Broken, abused, fragile

Smaller than the parcel I entered with

Insignificant by comparison

The crone weighs my heart

Then she weighs my troubles

I receive an offer, an opportunity

To exchange

My burden is substantial

And I am unbearably weary

I yearn to leave my sorrows behind

And start anew