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Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

We are shocked, excited, and honored by the amazing, open-armed reception during our first month. In this exciting debut issue, we are absolutely thrilled - and really proud - to present this compilation of writers, poets, artists, and photographers for your enjoyment. Each contributor comes from a diverse background. It has been exhilarating to see the different responses and submissions from all over the world! Issue One: “Woman Burning” includes creators who inspire with words and evoke emotions with their stories, poetry, images, and artwork. This issue includes a Portuguese poet, a writer who combs the Alaskan coast, a photographer from Texas, two writers from Scotland, an emerging writer from Virginia, a sonnet stalker from Pensacola, and many others.

We anticipate growing, spreading love, and sharing talent with everyone and encourage people from all walks of life to submit to us! We seek passion that pours out, unable to be contained like waves of an ocean unhindered by the tug of gravity. Nowadays, it’s a scary world, full of unspeakable horrors, sorrows, pain. We hope to celebrate that which makes darkness glimmer, provide an outlet for your deep desires and dark demons, but also hope to display what makes them beautiful.

For this issue, our founder specially dedicates this to her mother, Sulyn Godsey, who has carried the seeds of muse inside all her life and was generous enough to share her stunning poem, “Woman Burning,” as inspiration for our cover.

To the writers - keep on creating, no matter what. To the readers - we hope you enjoy the beautiful darkness we’ve cultivated in Issue One. We also must make a note of a Trigger Warning to anyone who has experienced trauma - while much of our work focuses on pain, we realize not everyone is able to read this. We ask you, please be gentle with yourself as you venture inside our issue. These stories need to be told, this pain needs to be shared, but if you find yourself unable to continue reading please step back, take deep breaths, and know we love you, we feel you, we share your pain.

Now, if that hasn’t scared you off. You may now devour Issue One: Woman Burning.


Tianna, Renee, and Charlie Rhythm & Bones Lit Editors

(photo by Sulyn Godsey)

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