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Issue One: Woman Burning

Letter from the Editors

Accompanied by photography by Sulyn Godsey

Title Poem:

Woman Burning

Sulyn Godsey

Accompanied by "Dancing Flames" by Sulyn Godsey​

The Taste of Sorrow

Jacqueline Knight Cotterill

Accompanied by "Spout" by Stephen Biseño​

Magic Shop

Inessa Carver


Christopher Iacono


Maddie White

forgiving mistakes i've made

Linda M. Crate

Accompanied by "I Dream of Elephants" by Christine Stoddard​

Counting Elephants

F.E. Clark

Accompanied by "Image from a Field Trip", 2017 by F.E. Clark​

Jack and Frank

David Rae


Susannah Violette

tell it to me all over again

Vanessa Maki

Accompanied by "Sink II" by Vanessa Maki​

Escape Velocity

David Alexander

Accompanied by "Misty Morning" by Sulyn Godsey

Places, saved and lost

Joaquin Fernandez


Ann Wallace

i'll make you nothing

Linda M. Crate

Accompanied by "Whispering Strands" by Sulyn Godsey


Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

Accompanied by "Reaching for the Moon" by Sulyn Godsey

Frozen Hearts Never Thaw

Danny Beusch

Accompanied by "Daily Painting 6th of June", acrylic on canvas by F.E. Clark​

*Editors' Pick*

Darkness Within Me

Maddie White

Accompanied by "Light" by Stephen Biseño​

Only Laughter

Inessa Carver

The Beast & the Hummingbirds

Madison McSweeney

Accompanied by "Still Life" by Sulyn Godsey

Minus Tides

Cassondra Windwalker

*Editors' Pick*

Another Day at the Office

Kristin Garth

*Editors' Pick*

Creative Study Artwork

Christine Stoddard


Photography by Stephen Briseño

Artwork by F.E. Clark

Photography by Sulyn Godsey

Artwork by Christine Stoddard


Interview with Stephanie Hutton on her novella-in-flash, "THREE SISTERS OF STONE," pub’d by Ellipsis Zine.

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