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Only Laughter

Only Laughter

by Inessa Carver

They say there’s glorious light

At the end of an endless tunnel

And there will be only laughter

When I rolled within a tin can

Caught glass in my eyes

It looked like glitter, like a rave

When I lost my innocence

Thought it was a game

Realized I didn’t know the rules

When I tried to breathe water

Become a mermaid in my bathtub

I never grew gills, always gasping air

When I finally find the darkness

And there is nothing else

There will be

Only Laughter


Photo by Allef Vinicius,

Inessa Carver is a poet born in Las Vegas, Nevada though her life has led her to live in many states across the western U.S. She is an avid feminist and advocate for LGBTQ rights, with a love for finding beauty in the most difficult circumstances.

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