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Meet the Editors!

We're so excited to have the chance to review your words and honored that you entrusted us with your work. We are all writers ourselves and understand the effort that goes into each submission. We will treat it with the care we would want our own work treated with.

Meet the Rhythm & Bones Editors!

Our Founder & Editor, Tianna Grosch, has been writing her whole life and received her MFA at Arcadia University last year. She works as Assistant Editor at Times Publishing Newspapers, publishing 10 community papers a month. Tianna is working on a debut novel about women who survive trauma as well as a memoir. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Ellipsis Zine, Crack the Spine, Burning House Press, Who Writes Short Shorts, New Pop Lit, Blanket Sea Magazine, Echo Lit Mag and Nabu Review (both lit mags of Paragon Press), among others. In her free time she gardens on her family farm and dreams up dark fiction. Follow her on Twitter @tianng92 or check out her writing on

Our Associate Fiction Editor & Time Manager, Charlie Allison, surrounds himself with dying languages, fading pantheons and idle speculation. He’s worn many hats: working as a chess coach, a groundskeeper, an English tutor, creative writing instructor for adults with learning disabilities, and an amateur circus acrobat. His current headwear is that of an amateur Mesoamerican scholar, bureaucrat, storyteller and short story writer. Charlie is working on the draft of his second novel–after launching the first into space. His work has appeared in The Stonecoast Review, Ellipsis Zine, Pickman’s Press, Podcastle and Devilfish Review. He can be found at his website ( and on Twitter @cballison421.

Our Graphic Arts Designer & Fiction/Poetry Editor, Renee Firer’s passion for writing flared to life when her 5th grade teacher taught her the power of the written word. Since then, she has filled her days with stories, while somehow finding the time to receive her MFA this past May. She is a DC comic loving, MarioBros. obsessed, self-proclaimed comedian suffering from a very bad—or would it be considered good?—case of wanderlust. When she’s not working on her novel, she’s spoiling her puppies, losing her pens, and planning her n