a true crime in sonnets, footnotes & verse

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Mormon Means  


God Is Wrong  


Life Is R-Rated  


Degraded Ballerina  


A Sleeping Bag Can Be A Body Bag 


(first published at Constellate Literary Journal)


18 & Elavil  


An Entrance Is Not An Exit  


Puritan U  


The Names 


Why Did He Stop  



(Flutter was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Hedgehog Poetry Press)





God Is Just Some Guy  

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“An emotional, heartbreaking account of what it means to suffer in silence, and the subsequent traumas amplified by a blatant neglect of duty within religious and academic hierarchies. This is a collection for the unheard voices of abuse, and the tenacity of one person’s will whilst lost in an endless cycle of assault and injustice. Puritan U shines a defiant light onto the dark paradigms of holy institution, and the ramifications of its repression of sexual abuse cases.”

— Dean Rhetoric

"A beautifully tragic memoir of exploitation, sexual assault and survival, woven intricately, as only Kristin can. We are taken on a roller coaster of the psyche, a thunderous flash of a victim turned girl-child. With her Capricornian attention to detail, Kristin tucks us in her pocket and permits the heavy blows of her recollections to caress us with the fragility that is encapsulated in her sonnets. This is a necessary voice in a time where testimonies and evidence are questioned."

Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins,

author of Zenith & Ablution

"Kristin Garth’s Puritan U should, without a doubt, be required reading. Each lilting sonnet, or exhibit, brings readers into Garth’s harrowing experiences in a Mormon household and Brigham Young University. In this unique collection, prosaic memoir mingles with confessional poetry as Garth reveals her experiences with oppression, subjugation, and abuse at the hands of the seemingly inescapable, puritanical institutions that surrounded her. Yet, in a world of “sunday sacrifice[s]”, Garth asserts “monday is coming & [I] will wait.” And Monday does come, and Garth emerges from this darkness empowered and empowering, ready to speak out for herself and remind readers that no one should ever “judge someone for their decision about how to handle a trauma they never asked for.” Puritan U is an absolutely stunning collection of poetry written entirely on Garth’s terms, and an incredibly important testament to the many reasons why it is so important for us all to stop and listen when survivors are ready to speak."  

— Kailey Tedesco,

author of She Used to be on a Milk Carton & Lizzie, Speak 

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