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Rhythm & Bones

December 31, 2018


by Elisabeth Alain 

My eyes flick open to the blue-dark, to my fast breath and heartbeat, to my ready legs. I listen for the source of the disturbance but hear nothing. I narrow my eyes to search for half-light behind the curtains, but outside the night is black.


December 31, 2018

The Unstolen Heart 

by Neel Trivedi 

The walk to his boss's office was as apprehensive as can be.

Larry knew he was walking on thin ice. Just last week, his boss had asked him to "off" 11 people. He barely got five.

And now this.

His hand trembled as he knocked on the door.


December 31, 2018


by Gillian Davies 

You were always fragile. 
You ate like a bird and your bones,
too thin and empty, held your flesh
like an Oxfam coat.

Your anger fuelled you, 
that and the case of beer hidden
in the cupboard, next to the cigarettes
that stained the walls.


December 31, 2018

photo by Kimberly Wolkens, inspiring the story 

The Thing About Abandonment 

by Kimberly Wolkens 

            I know you would tell me not to come here, but here I am.  You would look at me with your big brown eyes and furrowed brow, and gently steer me away from here.  I...

December 31, 2018

 "agora" by Matthew Yates 


by Matthew Yates 

it might be enough –

at the corners of the sky

where the simulation’s seams

start to show   where if one watched

long enough they could see a vee

of geese disappear into code

& slip into the ether   where on

a r...

December 31, 2018

by Eric James Cruz 

Past the river this evening,


                in the shaken months of summer,

   where jays buzz lon...

December 31, 2018

"Some Turtles are Safer Than Others" 

Digital collage with photograph & art by Amy Alexander 

Weight of the World 

by Amy Alexander 

When the turtle bore the world on its back,

only the rock could break it.

We were slow, then.

The rock was slower,

collapsing into gravity,

its a...

December 31, 2018

As if a door has been opened

by Tara Isabel Zambrano

Rangrez, the dyer, paints my body deep blue, like a summer night, to let the evil out, an alien girl under my skin who has slept with a lot of men. “The heat inside your body has blown you off course,” he says and star...

December 31, 2018

“Shared Landscape” 

photo by Sarah Huels 

by Sarah Huels 

My mother, my son, and I.
Fierce, fiercer, and smoother of storms and ruffled feathers.
Anchored calmly in my chair with boy on my lap, picture book in my hands, and the
elderly lady sitting in chair b...

December 31, 2018


by Jack B. Bedell

You’d probably chuckle to know I pass

your grave every morning bringing my kids

to school. They’ve asked all the questions

their teachers have told them to ask,

and I’ve answered as best I could:

Did he want to die?


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