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December 31, 2018

Letter from the Editor

Title Story:

“Breakfast Alone”

Eric S. Fomley

Accompanied by: "connected" - Stephen Briseño

"I See You"

Michelle Hansen

“Spring begins somewhere”

 Jennifer Wolkin

“Volcanoes & Hurricanes”

Caitlin Cording


 Jen Persichetti

“Suitcase Full...

December 31, 2018


Fabrice Poussin 

collection of photographs 

Artist's Statement:

The (following) photographs I sent are part of three different collections. "Gateway to Her Secrets," is a more recent piece. I photographed the Delicate Arch in Utah early in the morning. The...

December 31, 2018

Sunken City of The Ancient One 

by Eric S. Fomley 

Thom was tormented within, anguished beyond measure, and stressed by life.

He stood in the bathroom and looked into the mirror, into himself, until the mirror rippled. He heard the sounds of waves, saw a sunken city in th...

December 31, 2018

Death Opens 

by Jennifer Wolkin 

The day I found out you died

I saw perennial carcasses cry

& then begin to




December 31, 2018


The one time the moon meets its match: The ever lucky Shooting Star." 

by Neel Trivedi 

The Other Side of the Nightmare 

by Jan Keenan 

I’ll look out of the window as the city colours give way to shades of green. A young mum with two kids will sit op...

December 31, 2018

"doodles10" by Matthew Yates 

Self-portrait as pie 

by Gervanna Stephens 

A little bit of this
a dash of that.
Cut and fold to remove lumps of self
no longer one
no longer whole.


I’m combined dark and light
till creamy
to set in dish greased
no stick, for I am neither.



December 31, 2018

Lifehack: Hushing a Troublesome Boy

Creative Nonfiction

by Chad Musick

Who doesn’t dream at night of dosing her son with ipecac and then, when he goes to vomit, just... shutting the lid? One terrible accident, and you can dine out on the tragedy for years.

Unfortunately, t...

December 31, 2018


by Salvatore Difalco

They said I was a mistake. Or rather, they said I was mistaken. My ears have grown smaller and smaller over time. I cannot explain it. Sumptuous women and men wearing white masks bid from the gallery.


“I want...

December 31, 2018


by Jen Persichetti 

To be soulless is an art

An art you have taught me – and taught me well
My heart has yet to thaw and I crave afternoons of solitude

Cold winter mornings entice me and I despise junipers in Spring
Storm clouds and abandoned farmhouses sit atop...

December 31, 2018

 photo by Sarah Huels

uncover my hollow 

by Savannah Slone 

unveil my tethered roots:


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