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Rhythm & Bones

July 15, 2018

tell it to me all over again 

by Vanessa Maki


the desire to fix us sways   
it reminds me of birds

navigating strong winds  
where their wings can't flap right  

i devote myself  
& then you demote me  
to second best, second choice,

a s...

July 15, 2018

 "Whispering Strands" by Sulyn Godsey

i'll make you nothing

your mercy

withered on the vine

you'll hold me


for all your crimes,

but i am not the type of bird

you want to cross;

i will claw out your eyes

without remorse—

you send out your nightmares,

and your monsters;


July 15, 2018

 "I Dream of Elephants" art by Christine Stoddard

forgiving mistakes i've made

you spent so much time trying to cage me, trying to silence me; but i already allowed them to silence me once—wasn't going to lose my voice again to a man who sought to own me but never know m...

"Spout" by Stephen Biseño

The Taste of Sorrow 

by Jacqueline Knight Cotterill

My sorrow inhabits me.

I wear it as an invisible

layer of scarred skin,

in the silk scarves

I twirl round my fingers,

in the outsize fleece I

sometimes wrap tight

for the comfort of touch.

I see it in t...

July 15, 2018

Magic Shop

by Inessa Carver

I step into a magic shop one day

A bundle slung upon my shoulder

My body breaking beneath the weight

Like Atlas broke

A sign upon the wall reads

“Exchanges Only, No Returns”

The crone behind the counter glaring

Like one of the Fates

I expect to see a...

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