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Rhythm & Bones

July 15, 2018

**selected as Editors' Pick for Issue One - listen to it here, recorded audibly by Liz Zimmerman**

Minus Tides

by Cassondra Windwalker

Sea spray left salt deposits on her thick glasses. She shoved them up her nose and squinted at the flash of white against the volcanic sa...

July 15, 2018


by Maddie M. White

I look at the newspaper clipping that is held to the wall by a thumbtack. Beside the article is my calendar. Big red X's mark every passing day until this one.

I can't eat or sleep. I put one foot in front of the other and walk to the park down th...

July 15, 2018

"Light" by Stephen Biseño

Darkness Within Me

by Maddie White

In the garage freezer was a blue, soulless man. I opened the lid and was sickened by the gruesome reminder. Hours earlier, he tried to rob me outside the Black Tavern Saloon. I had gone there to unwind after wor...

July 15, 2018

Jack and Frank

by David Rae


Jack was what you might call soft. Mum told me not to be mean, but Dad says Jack needs to toughen up. Dad’s right, once Jack gets past third grade, he’ll learn all about life. I’m trying to teach him for his own good. He’s just so gullibl...

July 15, 2018


by Christopher Iacono


His Side

Eric lifted his right fist, ready to knock on the door. His gold wedding band glittered. He tried to twist it off, but it had been a few years since he had put it on and it wouldn’t budge. He sighed. I shouldn’t be doing this....

July 15, 2018

Places, saved and lost

by Joaquin Fernandez

Obviously, you will choose the worst possible day to clean out your mothers house. Fallen mangoes will congregate under her favorite tree, shriveled in the Florida sun, betrayed by the density of their own sweetness. The grass...

July 15, 2018

"Image from a Field Trip", 2017 by F.E. Clark

Counting Elephants

by F.E. Clark

She’d asked for an hourglass. It was supposed to help her breathe through the tornadoes that raged inside her head. The plain-clothes Dr had become so enthused when the girl recounted a meditat...

July 15, 2018

"Daily Painting 6th of June", acrylic on canvas by F.E. Clark

**selected as Editors' Pick for Issue One - listen to it here, recorded audibly by Liz Zimmerman**

Frozen Hearts Never Thaw

by Danny Beusch

The cruel arctic wind ravages everything. Other villages fled but we cl...

July 15, 2018

"Misty Morning" by Sulyn Godsey

Escape Velocity

by David Alexander

Energy is all around us. Every action we make, everything we do, takes energy.

Cameron would read about physics when he was shut in his room. He would close the door and climb headfirst under his duvet with...

July 15, 2018


by Susannah Violette

I dream of magpie
an oil slick in snow
dark sky and moonlight

her brittle nest lined
with ruddy fox fur
late summer grass
and rabbit
- whose bones make a cradle
for one egg

inside the egg

I guess

she laid her diamonds
cubic zirconia, broken gla...

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