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April 20, 2020

'Poppies' collage by Mustafah Greene, (IG @notmufasa)

The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long and Bends Toward Conflation

by Yania Padilla


Yania is a 2020 Cantomundo fellow, associate editor for Frontier poetry, and suicide prevention SME. Her work...

February 12, 2020

Review of The Uncertainty of Light:

Poems by Alana Saltz

By Kerry Kijewski

"Apparently, there’s

a theory of infinity

where the same events repeat

again and again, indefinitely.

A big bang–

hot matter collides.

Life is born on this planet then dies."


From the first poem, the c...

January 15, 2020


found poems* & art 


Stuart Buck 

some dreadful bodies/our disaster at the seashore

the emperor continued singing

until he had finished his song

it is likely that we’re caught

and that all of us will die

things left behind

prevailing winds in Campania

remnants o...

"Smoking with Ghosts in the Rain"

pastel by Jacob Browne

*artist statement & bio below*

* * * 

Ramblings of a Ghost

creative nonfiction by Michael Hendricks

My best friend spends his days rotting in a forest somewhere in Northern Ireland. “It’s home,” his husband says, rolli...

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