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October 6, 2018


"Bent Teeth" photo by Stephen Briseño

The Pale Man’s Eyes Never Leave the Horizon

by Jack B. Bedell

—Lake Champlain

When a wave rolls up out of nowhere,

do not look down. It is my body

shifting under the surface.

I will be there in the shallows

to hear the people of the...

October 6, 2018

"Confluence 3" by Stephen Briseño

I Imagine My Rejected Poems as Ghosts

by Stephen Briseño

When rejection drops

by for his routine visit,

the ghosts rattle

my coffee cups that hang

in the kitchen, hide

all my good pens between

the couch cushions, fashion

a makeshift tin...

October 6, 2018

"Fallen Petals" by Stephen Briseño

To the Discarded Corn Husks Lying on the Kitchen Table After Christmas Dinner

by Stephen Briseño

You are el jefe

of items important

yet overlooked:

the snapped bones

of chopsticks left

in the phở bowl,

the butcher paper,

muted blood red,


October 6, 2018

 "Poseidon" by Matthew Yates

our god sleeps

by Paul Brookes

with his gob open.

When he opens his gob

It could be dawn, noon or midday.

whenever we must awake

to work in the mountains.

The mountains of god's tongue.

They shake and gust blows.

We must find

our balance.

Hunt for...

October 6, 2018

 "Sunset Reflection" by Sulyn Godsey

The Sun is Yours

a girl you once loved tells you to fetch her the sun, but only when it’s at its ripest / now you sit in darkness with the great orb in your hands / outside the earth is filled / with the ear-splitting shrieks of...

October 6, 2018


by Wanda Deglane

the passenger seat is noticeably empty

as we drive west on the I-10 in search

of water. my tia jabbers on about

how cheap it is to live here, but the rest

of us sit in sweltering silence. we know

by now that no one wants to live in hell.

my brother...

October 6, 2018

"Welcoming Tide" by Sulyn Godsey

The Sea

by Rona Fitzgerald

The sea

                        is a seeker

coves     crevices


familiar shores.


Moon glow

                   sun sparkle

October 6, 2018

Flammability Limits

by Kate Garrett

Close July / more a creature than a month

chased me indoors / under water / secure

against the blast of county fair tractor pulls

cherry bombs / sunburn on lakeshore sand

I’d float up to my neck in the murk

bluegills stalking ankles / the s...

October 6, 2018

Plaid Kitten

by Kristin Garth

A kitten written wanton, bad but smiles

so meek in skirts of plaid.  Charcoal, crimson 

intersects a schoolgirl demeanor, wiles

with kinky sex.  Blue black outlined yellow sun,

shy smiles inside the darkness done.  In cream 


October 6, 2018

 "Nature's Lace" by Sulyn Godsey

The Cimmerian 

by Kristin Garth

A sterling steeple, Cimmerian sky,

transfixing temple twinkle nigh.  In


charcoal your crucifix eclipse belies 

anhedonia of atheists.  Found 

devotion, beams below — recumbent peeks

a thousand flickers...

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